Benefits of SHMA Membership
  • Increased promotional power of Southern Heritage music through larger numbers of participants

  • Recognition of your work brought to the fans of Southern Heritage music

  • Inclusion in our online search engine for potential bookings

  • An opportunity for Inclusion in our online music store to increase sales Click Here For Details

  • Link to your website

  • Banner for your website identifying you as a member of the SHMA

  • Discount website design from sponsors

  • Artists - notification of stations willing to play SHMA music

  • Stations - notification sent to artists of the SHMA to send you music

  • Eligible for nomination in annual Southern Heritage Music Awards.

  • Opportunity for inclusion of "singles" on periodic promotional CD's sent to radio stations for airplay

Members of the Southern Heritage Music Association, must be willing to agree with the following statement: "I agree to use the art of music for the purpose of furthering a positive image of traditional Southern heritage within the music industry and among the general population."

Members are expected to promote our unique Southern heritage by applying the highest professional, moral, and ethical standards to the music industry; all of our efforts are to be viewed as a cumulative educational process for Southerners and the rest of the world. Any disparagement of the South's traditional history, heritage, or symbols would be grounds for the expulsion of one's membership in the Southern Heritage Music Association.

Southerners who are properly educated in Southern heritage and culture know in our hearts that Dixie, with our people and land, is truly the greatest place on earth!

* Paypal accounts for membership in the SHMA are automatically renewed
unless otherwise cancelled by the member.

For questions about joining the SHMA please contact us here.

Rules for Membership:

An "Individual" membership will be listed as such with the SHMA in the name of the person signing up. A "Group" membership will be listed in the name of the group; any member of the group wishing to have his/her own listing will be asked to also apply for membership as an "Individual" member, entitling him/her to a separate, additional listing.

In the online store, individuals may only post music of the member. Likewise, groups may only post music of the group. The only exception is that individual members may post music of a group of which they were a member but which no longer exists, provided that they affirm that they own the legal right to sell the music of the previously-existing group.

* Contributions and gifts to the Southern Heritage Music Association are welcome but are not tax-deductible, as we have chosen to not accept federal 501(c)(3) status and its attendant regulations. We trust that our patrons will understand the reasons.

Advertising and member dues may, however, be tax-deductible for you. Please consult your tax advisor for specifics.