The Southern Heritage Music Association was created in October of 2005 for the purpose of advancing the cause of Southern heritage through music. By and large, the musical artists of the Southern Movement have never had the opportunity to have their music played on mainstream radio stations across America. The time has now come, however, for the unique genre of Southern heritage music to have its day in the court of public opinion; and it is our opinion that the Southern people at large will gladly welcome this refreshing alternative to the existing choices.

The music of the Southern Movement is a unique blend of many forms of music, all of which are native to the Southern region. These genres include bluegrass, gospel, folk, country and western, Southern-Celtic, rock and roll, and Southern rock. The music is positive and reflects the regional pride that Southern people have for their unique history and heritage. The heritage of the South incorporates such traditional elements as love for family, country, the land, and original American principles. In fact, it has been well said that the South is the only part of America that is still American to any degree. The music of the Southern Movement, celebrates this fact in a unique blend that stirs the soul; and it is the purpose of the Southern Heritage Music Association to promote this unique genre of music by bringing together writers, artists, producers, studios, and promoters to increase the outreach of this music and its message.