Members of the SHMA may have their music included for online purchase by fans as CD’s, tapes, or downloadable MP3’s in the “Heart of Dixie Music Store.” CD’s may be normal multiple-selection works or “singles” made available for sale to the general public. The benefit, of course, is the ability for fans to make instant transactions online whenever they hear your music on a radio station or find you by browsing our the SHMA database of artists. The amount of music that is sold through online transactions will increase your “orders” from fans by as much as 10x that of mailing you a check or money order through the postal service.

There is a one-time setup fee of $25 per CD (or tape) that is to be included in the online music store. This setup will feature your CD, along with an image of your cover art, the list of songs on the CD, and short, sample cuts of up to three of the songs on the CD.

You set the price of your own CD’s. Each time that a purchase is made, the SHMA automatically receives $2.50 to fund this service and to pay the online transaction service charges for the artist. The SHMA also automatically collects $3.00 for the artist to cover shipping and handling for each CD purchased. (Special arrangements can be made for CD’s or “sets” listed at more than $20.00 each.)

The customer makes the transaction online via Paypal, using either their existing Paypal account OR merely a credit card. The SHMA deducts the $2.50 service fee and then forwards the customer’s order information to you, along with either an immediate online transaction to your own Paypal account or via a check mailed monthly for your cumulative sales that month. It’s that simple! You, then, mail the customer his music and keep the contact information for future promotional purposes of your own… after all, it’s your fan!

The SHMA is proud to be able to offer this service to our members as just one more way of promoting your music to the mainstream population. Why sell your music in the online store? Why not? For the cost of probably two sales, you will have a permanent place from which fans may order your music online with all of the work done for you! This will eliminate the expense of having to pay for a “shopping cart” on your own website AND will put your music in front of many more potential customers and fans!

For questions about marketing music on the SHMA store please contact us here.

* Only members may post music in the online store. Members assume full responsibility for possessing the rights to sell the music which they post in the online store and may only post music of their own or a group of which they were previously a member and hold the rights of sale. Groups may not post music of individuals and individuals may not post music of groups, unless the group is no longer in existence and the above requirements are met. The SHMA assumes no legal responsibility for any music posted in the online store, other than those titles listed under ownership of the SHMA.