Mark Sheppard writes music that reflects his real life experiences as well as his appreciation and respect for what his ancestors went through during the War For Southern Independence. Mark's love for the South and Southern Rock music has been with him most of his life. The respect he has for his ancestors was a gift he received at the feet of his grandparents who took the time to educate him as a child. Likewise, his love of music comes from being surrounded by so many family members who played musical instruments, and appreciated the important roll music plays in the life of every individual.

Mark informs us that, "this is something that has been with me all my life, I cant remember when it started, but it is as if it has always been there." Mark says that he has been influenced by Rock, Southern Rock, Blues, Bluegrass, and Gospel music. "All have been important and have seasoned my musical taste," says Mark.

Mark has his own studio where he has already recorded one album with his former band, Southern Thunder. He says he composed most of the material on that album and plans to release the songs he wrote on a solo project in the near future. Mark's talent with musical instruments is considerable. He is an accomplished lead and rhythm guitarist as well as a bass, harmonica, and keyboard player. To add to this impressive list Mark is also a singer!

Mark's latest effort is a gospel/rock project that is scheduled for release in the very near future.

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356 Ridge Rd, Blacksburg, SC 29702