JON Weaver III, a Ragtime Piano performer has been pleasing audiences with the happy, frolicking and syncopated rhythms of the ragtime idiom for many years. JON features the unusual Nashville Rags which were published in Nashville, Tennessee from 1898 to 1920 by the French and Fite music publishing companies. St. Louis, as well as Nashville, was at that time a center of the ragtime genre. JON's latest CD, Those Long Gone Dog Gone Nashville Rags features Nashville Ragtime and one of his own contemporary rags, THE SUNDIAL, dedicated to the largest sundial in the world located in southern Macon County, Tennessee and erected in 1917. In addition to Nashville Ragtime, he features the great music of "TIN PAN ALLEY" and traditional jazz of the early 20th century

JON Weaver III is a thirty-four year member of the AFM-Nashville Association of Musicians and has been performing since the age of 4. He has performed with country and MOR bands for many years. JON performs SOLO PIANO or as a DUO with his son on bass and on many occasions as a TRIO also billed as TENNESSEE R and R (RAGTIME & RHYTHM). JON Weaver III has his own publishing company, STARGOLD MUSIC a division of Stargold Publications, Inc. and records on the STARGOLD LABEL. For more information about Nashville Ragtime please visit our website;

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