"T he most entertaining band in Civil War reenacting !!"

Let me introduce you to the Civil War musical group, The 52nd Regimental String Band. We are well-known throughout the southeastern re-enacting community, having performed for dances, teas, concerts, spectators, weddings, military balls, churches, picnics, schools, riverboats, state & national parks, films, TV, etc. and a number of other events for many years. The Band lists many major area and local events among our references, as well as an exclusive two-hour concert at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville and a continuing engagement aboard the Delta Queen Steamship Cruise Line. For the Tennessee 200th anniversary BiCentennial, the Band was the guest of the Governor in Nashville to perform for the dedication Grand Opening of the Tennessee Civil War Trails. The Band also was frequently the 'warm-up act' for author Shelby Foote. The Band has recorded four albums available on cassette and CD, "Voices of Shiloh", "Voices of Gettysburg", "Dissolution Wagon", and "Civil War G! rand Military Ball".

The 52nd String Band, organized in 1990, consists of five musicians playing a variety of instruments of the period: banjo, guitar, fiddle, harpsichord, mandolin, flute, washboard, drum, harmonica, etc., as well as fine vocals and harmonies. We are authentically dressed as civilian, Confederate, or Union soldiers of the 1860's, and we are infantry re-enactors as well. Our repertoire spans nearly 200 of the early American popular songs and the Band can perform and "instruct" the favorite dances of the day including the Virginia Reel, Carolina Promenade, Arkansas/Tennessee Traveler, Hat Dance, Broom Dance, Pattycake Polkas, Waltzes, Grande March, and others. Besides singing and playing excellent music, the Band, most importantly, is also very "entertaining" as well.

Several members of the band were also in the major motion pictures: "Glory" and "Gettysburg" and performed on the set of "Gods and Generals". They were also in the TV movies: "North & South", "The Blue and The Gray", "Andersonville", and several documentaries on the History Channel including "Ironclads".

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